Wednesday, January 28, 2009


so were have I been all this time? I dont even know Im  sorry and I will post again later today I think
I just fell gross and lazy
so ya.....

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

If I start To Gurgle Just Slap Me

Hes coming to target.....HES COMING to TARGET  Hes freaking COMING to freaking TARGET!!!! This might be the best collaboration since  CDG and H&M ( which i missed  sadly) 

But no need to fear Its Alexander McQueen everybody! in Target stores March 1st -April 11th!!! Here is a little taste!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Obama Is A Pretty Cool Cat

This is my woo ya Obama /no school face
I dint have to go to school today! See I have mid terms and for midterms you only have to be there for the classes you have exams for that day (first day is classes 1 and 2 second is 3 and 4 etc.) So since I have electives for 3 and 4 I didn't have to go in! I studyed all day and then I watched the Inauguration and I must just take a moment to say one thing.....


Also Aretha  I want your just give me a call when you can because I know your busy being an amazing music legend....

Also Today I wore that big cat shirt  I told you about a few posts ago . My mom HATES it but I don't care It is pretty epic if you ask me and It looks great with leggings too!

jacket-Moms oldness
shirt- H&M
jeans-cant remember
Oh and to complement my cat outfit here is a strangely high fashion cat...........Enjoy!


Monday, January 19, 2009

Happy Feet Needed

Today i was looking at my feet and I realized that almost all my shoes (and clothes) are Black! And so I have made another resolution (because it is in-fact still January) 

To start that I need to start some were so I
 will start with my feet which means I will purchace these babies!
arent they beautiful? and they will look great with all my black! It will be my first Nikes(Im a converse girl) but I have some great stuff planed !Ya so we got allot of snow yesterday!(seen above) so I went skiing ! I brought my friend who is new to skiing and she only fell once! It was great!
I cant wait to post tomorrow I have some great stuff!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Pretty in Pink

Hey guess what? I found a new store online! And I know allot of people already know about it but I didn't ! Its called Pink Ice, And Its a mixture of Forever-21 and awesome!
They have alot of cool scarves (below)and  cool ruffled stuff(above) . It's very pick and choose though they have some great suff but then they  have straight up garbage (but It's mostly good).
They also have a great shoe selection and there all wicked cheap! (these sandals are only 22$ !!!)They have great heels too all below 30$! Sadly the ontly locations I could find were in California so thats great for all you west coasters but for us in the east we have to use the online store.

I am also excited because  ITS SNOWING YAYYYY!!!! 

Friday, January 16, 2009

We Bonded With Stories Of Pee

so today I had midterms today and it was like hell if hell was two 8 page two essay tests in a row. and so I kinda wore a blah outfit. But Midterms means you get to go home early!(ish) I dunno I got out at 2 instead of 2:21(isn't that stupid how the just have to add that one minuet? I mean really school you cant get more annoying than that oh and how it starts at 7:57 ya thats great too! why not 8 huh? you have to be so f 'ing random with your time thats why!...ok im done) But anyways I got to go home and get my script and go to DRAMMA CLUB!(I also had to walk there in -11 degree weather because winter is stupid!)

Oh but It was ever so much fun! Our Director was like in town somewhere and had to take the train in or something stupid like that .Soo we had cast bonding!And guess what we talked about for basically 30 mins?YOU GUESSED IT .......... PEEING OUR PANTS!!!! we went around the circle and told stories about the last time we peed in our pants! And then the director showed up and we got parts.Im a witch (like bubble bubble toil and trouble )
Oh and then I got a ride home from my friend Kendal(thank the gods!By then it was -4 outside)And on our way we saw these kids who were like walking around (I know crazy)And they were like "Kendal drive us to the pizza place!" And they were with this kid who looks almost like a Werewolf so Kendal was like" ya you can have a ride but not the werewolf". And he was like "hey werewolf you cant get a ride" ! and we were CRACKING UP and then they started throwing snowballs at us and Kendal screams" GET AWAY FROM MY CAR YOU !@#$%ING WEREWOLF!" and we speed away!

yes that was funny
he he haw haw

cardigan (blue)-UO
Necklace-Marc by Marc Jacobs

Thursday, January 15, 2009

My Mind Loves Lucy

so....Hi people out there I feel weird,not having blogged in two days.But Im back!(and better than I have been these past few Im going to take this opportunity to just say HEY Im not dead!)

Ya so I felt a little weird the otherday (like the time on I Love Lucy,when Lucy and Ricky hated Fred and Ethel and were going to move out) and then I I was like woah I can not handle this apple! am tottaly going to throw up !(like that time when Lucy and Ethel worked in that cake factory and everything went out of control) And then I sat there all day and all night just like blah (and watching I Love Lucy ,the best show to watch when you are sick!

so this is the last actual outfit I wore(dont judge me on my pictures!I know there crap!)

Lacoste Sweatshirt-vintage

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Just a little quick one!

So I am really interested in old glamor today? I was going to do just an inspirational quick little thing with photos but then I realised  They are all inspired by the 30's and 40's! kinda I dont know....just bear with me here

First Id like to say how WONDERUSLY AMAZING FRIKNIN FLABBERGASTERLY GREAT DITA VON TEESE IS! She brought back burlesque like it was nobodys buissness! (wich It kinda wasnt back then...) To top that off she has the most amzing pale skin! And of corse her corsettes are to die for!(and so is her waist! seriously I would prob
ably die if I was that skinny!)Even what she wears everyday is amazing!

I also found this awesome sight with hair accessories and lingerie called Lou Lou Loves you!
these girls are so fabulous!I especially love the one to the right ! Perfect hair and I love her tattoos too!
I want this!

                                               They also had these cool pictures in their look book! I had a Christmas card once were I was a clown in a box...... Ill find it and show it to you  its real cool!(not as cool as this though)

Monday, January 12, 2009

remember last time this was cool?

my mom is the one in foreground
As a child of the 90's I dont much remember when grunge was cool the first time but my mom sure dose!My mom usused to be a bartender in a bar in sanfrancisco! She had the coolest clohes back then i.e  slip dresses,plaid shirts,lace stuff and lots of jewels (sound like any magazines you have read lately?) ! Ah yes!So obviously I am surprised the 90's are coming back so soon!!

(this is the pixies....they make good music)

  Lately I have been listening to alot of the Pixies....I want that sweater

also I was inspired by Tavi to show off some art!(its not as cool as her YSL water color which I am hopefully buying on a t-shirt once she makes them!) um this one is upside down...
                           This little collage is based on that song "sea of love" by Cat Power
the lady in it is my great grandmother I loved her bathing suit! 
I did this like last week .I call it "two mutual friends meet at a train station' but I have a friend who calls It " girl in a trench coat meeting jesus on fire mountain". can you think of any others?

I went to the gym again today! Yay resolutions!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

oh.....this too...just's.....awesome

Tiger socks + Glitter+ Sneakers = OH MY FING GOD IM GONNA POOP WITH LOVE

thank you savvylondon

To tired to comprehend soap.

ok so the other night I went with some friends to this feild and slid around on the ice that had formed on it.and I gave my phone to one of my friends and he took some really cool pictures.
personally I think we were being kinda stupid, because it was like -2 degrees and we were sliding around on the ice in the mist of the night and then we had coke and we spilled it on the ground and licked it and it tasted wicked good so we were on the ground and liking the coke ice like grazing cows and tis guy came out and just kinda stared then drove away, But thats just me.

we als went to the drug store and got some delicious *cough* gourmet *cough* hot chocolate witch helped allot with the frozen hand problem that I had.

Oh and I love that penguin.

Today I went Skiing and the lift broke so I only got like 4 runs in :(

I went to the gym yesterday and did stuff with weights and then I ate chinese food......

Me and some friends from my theater group went to build a bear

last night I fell asleep while hanging out with some friends

 The bear we built made an elephant noise

I bought a shirt with a BIG tiger on it

This post Is more scitsofrinic  than Thelonious Monk

I dont think I spelled that right


Friday, January 9, 2009

Anyone interested in a 15 year-old girls soul?

so wouldn't It be awesome if you could sell your sole for unlimited clothes?I would sell mine to Luella Bartly or the great Mulleavy girls who design this amazingness! I mean the shoes are enough to win me over! I know this is wicked old but I was just remembering it because i was lookin at some Degas ballerina paintings and iI was like.....Oh remember that wonderful collection with the cool tights??I just had to share it with you one more time!


ya so  I was really cold today i wore fuzzy mismatching socks to keep my feets warm!(and a you can see above I danced around again.....this time to the Beatles...Sgt.Pepper I believe in this picture It's "Good Morning Good Morning") ya but I also wore this cool drape shirt that my mom calls my 80's shirt and my vintage jacket.( you cant really see the coolness of the shirt in this photo)
                                                                heha hehe haw...... socks
                           OMG Its like a picture not in my like room like no way!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Rain rain go........ fall in an endless abyss and die!

LAST NIGHT IT SNOWED! hurrah right?No apparently mother nature had different plans today!Instead of fluffy white goodness when I woke up I got slushy pukey grossnes from the endless amount of rain we got! and I almost got hypothermia on my way home because I kept stepping in icy water! But we got  a nice two hour delay which meant I got to sleep late! But I am really tired right now because I have been busy today .I had tutor for math and then I came home and danced around to the Pixies( my favorite lately) so I am doing a very short post but tomoro I have some great stuff I found!

Shirt dress thing-Rapscallion 
Booties-Me Too
ring-marc by marc jacobs

Oh and Because of the delay I got to school just in-time for gym! I just wish I could wear stuff like this to gym! I mean Adidas and flapper fringe? What co
uld be more awesome?( for gym clothes that is)

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Nothing like Flowers and striped tights to take away the pain

Today I was in allot of pain because, as I said yesterday ,I went to the gym and it made me really sore!I did a super Intense Step aerobics class!It was one of those things where your like ,oh this is easy,and then you start feeling the burn and you say I AM NEVER DOING THIS AGAIN over and over in your head and then you want to kill your self  and then you think oh wait I am killing myself by doing this (and this whole time you keep doing what the lady tells you but you and your mom are the only ones messing up because you are so uncoordinated! ) and then at the end your like oh wow I feel good lets do this again next monday! 
oh and today my hair looked nice and flippy! I call it expertly tousled! so that made me happy ! And my Latin teacher didn't yell at me! So over all It was a good day!(except for gym class,which ruins every day of my life but especially toda
y because I couldn't walk)

dress ,boots, headband-Urban Outfitters  

So to add to my cheer I wore my favorite dress and tights (which go well together strangely!) oh and don't mind my room Its kinda messy.....

Monday, January 5, 2009

I feel a penguin phase beginning!

Ok so lately I have been a little obsessed with the whole menswear trend going on  I don't know why It just looks so classy!So today I was lazy and wore the stuff I bought yesterday at H&M( pretty good considering I wasn't awake fully when I got dressed!)  I got some complements(whitch I dont much like anymore because I don't know what do say back?)But I wore it with a cool chain necklace and my Rinestone bowtie on my head.( you cant really see that sorry)

ya so today I had my first day back to school after winte
r break. I hated almost every minute of it.first my latin teacher was all crabby and kept yelling at me about something that I haven't even learned yet!(next year Im taking french!) and I had gym which is always bad but to make It wore we are doing basketball! And It was wicked icy so I kept sliding on my way home from school! and now I am bloging but its only procrastination  because I have Latin homework and then me and my mom are going to the gym!( I joined because of my new-years resolutions ! tonight we are doing step aerobics) so basicly I hate everything about today ! Ecept this stuff I found  on so enjoy these while I enjoy the wonders of Latin worksheets!
all pictures from

I also made this to follow up my obsession...
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