Thursday, May 7, 2009

I have to hibernate on another planet

So today we had a sub In English and he 
1.had a walkman
2.was listening to the Music Man on said walkman so loud you could hear it on the other side of the room!
3.was  dancing and singing along 

THIS was the highlight of my day Be sides the fact we dicected rats in bio......which is strangely fun!

Now! stuff I love!:

awesome skirt + baggage +cute legs ^2 (jacket + cool shirt)=kickass outfit
example above
Style scout

Erdem Is amazing and I didn't know about them until this collection but Hot dern This rocks!
Style . com

shoes-Rainbows(16 $ btdubz)

So today I wore this today bad pics I know I was in a rush this morning 
oh ya and I have another story about lobsters Ill tell you later!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

um hey

Well Its been what like a million years? ya just about!
MY GREAT JESUS  we have some catching up to do! well see I was in two show and was doing the costumes for another and it was crazy and I kinda forgot about you guys for a bit but im back now! again!
so check it!

the lighting was really cool this day more pics soon
really springy outfit
bigass sweater-h&m
skirt -h&m
my lego outfit 

Me as a nervous spelling bee girl in a show
this is john-I love his shirt

more pics from rainy day-sick water shot
ya cool camera effect
I looked like a creeper taking this in the rain in front of this random lady's house as cars drove by........its cool tho 
Me as down and out pregnant smoking power puff girl(im bubbles for you dumb butts)In the same show as before.

In other news have you heard the Yeah Yeah Yeahs latest album Its Blitz!? Its sick I love it!
Also AWESOME SONGS of the month

*Bon Iver -Blood Bank
*Camera Obscura-Lunar Sea
*pavement-Cut Your Hair
*Oasis-like everything they ever did EVER!
*Switchfoot-Oh Gravity

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

La La La BOO!

EPICNESS! opps whats Sonia doing in there? Ill get to her later
took this in boston

Really wish I was wearing something cooler on this mattress(when can u take pictures on a mattress in the middle of a feild)
wore this a while ago 

Belt-Oldness from limited too(ya that old)

Monday, March 9, 2009

I Love You!!!!

Well.........I AM IN LOVE!!!!! ......with an artist
Basically this is how it all started .I got my monthly NYLON in the mail and was flipping through it.I came upon a page on fashion artist and was intrigued! I read trough it and then I saw a little black and white sketch of a girl wearing a hairy dress (weird but idk how else to describe it) And At that moment cupid hit e with his arrow and I fell n deep passionate love with LAURA LAIN!

I love you Laura
 Oh yes I do 
I love your drawings 
They are so cool 
When I don't see them Im blue!
OHH Laura I love you!

Sunday, March 8, 2009


There was this coat in the costume room at my theater and I loved it.....alot

so I saw the Shepard Fairey Exibit at the ICA and it was flippin awesome!
They also have this cool grate over the ocean so you can see the sea!

Oh and I love Charlotte Ronson alot!

Monday, February 23, 2009

What? You took outfit pictures? Is this the right blog?

Ok so issue #1 :Did anyone realize that Barbie had a runway show??I liked it! woah Barbie!I especially love the sheer gloves on the Barbie bride!

Isue #2: I finnaly got off my lazy behind and took some outfit pictures ! (in my newly remodeled bathroom)Sadly I was wearing a very boring outfit! I bought this shirt (velvet lacy goodness btw) last weekend when I went skiing in Vermont  I got a discount too because....... I had people .......?I also got this awesome chunky necklace that Ill wear tomorrow!

So goodnight?

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Big fashion week extravaganza part 1

First we have the art academy university I like the first dress alot they had alot of great stuff this year.

The newest addition to my favorite designers list,Erin Featherston! This collection makes all my wildest dreams come true!