Monday, February 9, 2009


alright so I saw Coraline and OH MY FREAKING GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!If you havent seen It then you best move your but to the theater  STAT!
Its not totally a kids movie And it has the above average excelance seen in any Tim Burton movie and its a bit surreal at parts (the book was equal to the movie I must say except they added a character but I didn't mind it to much It was like the narration part in the book)
 Oh ya and these clay figures have GREAT CLOTHES!

I mean LOOK at that!Don't you just love her? 
oh ya and here is my guide for dressing Coraline style!

Coraline-Other Mother


  1. the star shirt she is wearing! oooh!!!

  2. What a cool idea.
    I'm really excited to see the movie!