Saturday, January 3, 2009

Cleaning up my act


So today I cleaned my room top to bottom vacuuming and everything It was crazy. I even emptied all my drawers and refolded and hung everything!   You know why? Well because my Winter vacation is coming to an end! I had so much fun and now I have to go back to stupid school and learn again.And to make it all worse I have midterms in 16 days! Thankfully at night I have time to paint which is always good ,Painting calms me down . Ill post pictures of my stuff later. anyways for now I had to share with you some things. First off I made some new-years resolutions today FINALLY! so:

2 keep cleaner room
3 get fit(or at-least stop eating so much and work out more)
4 paint more
5 learn to sew

so far I have done nothing! this makes me disgruntled. But this nice ladys sweater helped cheer me up oh how I love sweaters! I found this lovely couple on   style scout

I <3>

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