Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Nothing like Flowers and striped tights to take away the pain

Today I was in allot of pain because, as I said yesterday ,I went to the gym and it made me really sore!I did a super Intense Step aerobics class!It was one of those things where your like ,oh this is easy,and then you start feeling the burn and you say I AM NEVER DOING THIS AGAIN over and over in your head and then you want to kill your self  and then you think oh wait I am killing myself by doing this (and this whole time you keep doing what the lady tells you but you and your mom are the only ones messing up because you are so uncoordinated! ) and then at the end your like oh wow I feel good lets do this again next monday! 
oh and today my hair looked nice and flippy! I call it expertly tousled! so that made me happy ! And my Latin teacher didn't yell at me! So over all It was a good day!(except for gym class,which ruins every day of my life but especially toda
y because I couldn't walk)

dress ,boots, headband-Urban Outfitters  

So to add to my cheer I wore my favorite dress and tights (which go well together strangely!) oh and don't mind my room Its kinda messy.....


  1. love those tights and the dress,perfect in my world! you go girl.
    also im so sorry you hurt yourself,are you ok now?
    muah x

  2. ya Im ok....I guess
    it still hurts If I bend over too much.Thank you so much for your concern!(that sounded very official!)

  3. Lovely outfit! And you may certainly link my blog, that would be lovely. Nice blog!