Sunday, January 4, 2009

Luella lives in my subconscious

Today I went shoping! Well really returning .you see I went to H&M (my new favorite store I think) about 5 days ago with my gift card and got this ,what I thought at the time,cute dress.It was black and had a zipper down the front ( similar to the topshop dress on the front of  september 08 Nylon) But I looked pretty slutty in it so I returned it today! Instead I got a tuxedo jaket and shirt.(<3)>

(shirt H&M,Blazer H&M,skirt Forever-21,tights Urban-Outfitters,loafer flats store in Canada)

ok so when I put this on I had no clue what I was 
doing I was just like la di da blazer skirt and then I looked at it and WHAM! I was like GREAT SCOTT ITS LUELLA! Now I have no problem looking like luella! Infact I wish I owned everything ever made by the great miss. Bartley but this little number (tho one of my favorits from the clolection) is much too over done!
Luella S/S 08
And so now I believe Luella lives in my head and tells me what to do!(just like Bob Dylan , who has been in my dreams for about 9 days straight now! sign?) But with good reason I mean have you seen her last two shows?Wonderful! here are my favorits from fall/winter and spring.

luella s/s 09

Luella f/w 08 09

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