Monday, January 19, 2009

Happy Feet Needed

Today i was looking at my feet and I realized that almost all my shoes (and clothes) are Black! And so I have made another resolution (because it is in-fact still January) 

To start that I need to start some were so I
 will start with my feet which means I will purchace these babies!
arent they beautiful? and they will look great with all my black! It will be my first Nikes(Im a converse girl) but I have some great stuff planed !Ya so we got allot of snow yesterday!(seen above) so I went skiing ! I brought my friend who is new to skiing and she only fell once! It was great!
I cant wait to post tomorrow I have some great stuff!


  1. oh man, i LOVE Those nikes...and i too am ususually a converse girl.
    i went through the same thing with black shoes a few months ago...i was just so used to saying, "'ll go with EVERYTHING!" lol.

  2. those are sooo cute. i never wear sneakers, but if i did start, they would have to be interesting ones like that.

  3. Love the shoes o:
    the snowy picture is amazing, it looks magical and dusky :)