Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Rain rain go........ fall in an endless abyss and die!

LAST NIGHT IT SNOWED! hurrah right?No apparently mother nature had different plans today!Instead of fluffy white goodness when I woke up I got slushy pukey grossnes from the endless amount of rain we got! and I almost got hypothermia on my way home because I kept stepping in icy water! But we got  a nice two hour delay which meant I got to sleep late! But I am really tired right now because I have been busy today .I had tutor for math and then I came home and danced around to the Pixies( my favorite lately) so I am doing a very short post but tomoro I have some great stuff I found!

Shirt dress thing-Rapscallion 
Booties-Me Too
ring-marc by marc jacobs

Oh and Because of the delay I got to school just in-time for gym! I just wish I could wear stuff like this to gym! I mean Adidas and flapper fringe? What co
uld be more awesome?( for gym clothes that is)


  1. I love the dress and tights, seperately but especially together. I would kill for that Adidas stuff! And yes, I'm from Massachuuuusetts!

    -Hannah Cheeto

  2. your tights are hot hot hot! as for snow,love it from inside ;O)
    hate having to go out when its all frozen on the floor.
    muah x

  3. I LOVE dress! The bow is awesomeness!

  4. They tights rock! Stripe-y stripe-y! x