Thursday, January 15, 2009

My Mind Loves Lucy

so....Hi people out there I feel weird,not having blogged in two days.But Im back!(and better than I have been these past few Im going to take this opportunity to just say HEY Im not dead!)

Ya so I felt a little weird the otherday (like the time on I Love Lucy,when Lucy and Ricky hated Fred and Ethel and were going to move out) and then I I was like woah I can not handle this apple! am tottaly going to throw up !(like that time when Lucy and Ethel worked in that cake factory and everything went out of control) And then I sat there all day and all night just like blah (and watching I Love Lucy ,the best show to watch when you are sick!

so this is the last actual outfit I wore(dont judge me on my pictures!I know there crap!)

Lacoste Sweatshirt-vintage

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  1. I LOVE LUCY! oh my geez that show is amazing!