Monday, January 12, 2009

remember last time this was cool?

my mom is the one in foreground
As a child of the 90's I dont much remember when grunge was cool the first time but my mom sure dose!My mom usused to be a bartender in a bar in sanfrancisco! She had the coolest clohes back then i.e  slip dresses,plaid shirts,lace stuff and lots of jewels (sound like any magazines you have read lately?) ! Ah yes!So obviously I am surprised the 90's are coming back so soon!!

(this is the pixies....they make good music)

  Lately I have been listening to alot of the Pixies....I want that sweater

also I was inspired by Tavi to show off some art!(its not as cool as her YSL water color which I am hopefully buying on a t-shirt once she makes them!) um this one is upside down...
                           This little collage is based on that song "sea of love" by Cat Power
the lady in it is my great grandmother I loved her bathing suit! 
I did this like last week .I call it "two mutual friends meet at a train station' but I have a friend who calls It " girl in a trench coat meeting jesus on fire mountain". can you think of any others?

I went to the gym again today! Yay resolutions!


  1. wow, i love that first collage! it is SO beautiful! and grunge is AMAZING! that's great that your mom has so much cool stuff!

  2. Love the Pixies, they're on my top 10 favourite bands.