Friday, January 16, 2009

We Bonded With Stories Of Pee

so today I had midterms today and it was like hell if hell was two 8 page two essay tests in a row. and so I kinda wore a blah outfit. But Midterms means you get to go home early!(ish) I dunno I got out at 2 instead of 2:21(isn't that stupid how the just have to add that one minuet? I mean really school you cant get more annoying than that oh and how it starts at 7:57 ya thats great too! why not 8 huh? you have to be so f 'ing random with your time thats why!...ok im done) But anyways I got to go home and get my script and go to DRAMMA CLUB!(I also had to walk there in -11 degree weather because winter is stupid!)

Oh but It was ever so much fun! Our Director was like in town somewhere and had to take the train in or something stupid like that .Soo we had cast bonding!And guess what we talked about for basically 30 mins?YOU GUESSED IT .......... PEEING OUR PANTS!!!! we went around the circle and told stories about the last time we peed in our pants! And then the director showed up and we got parts.Im a witch (like bubble bubble toil and trouble )
Oh and then I got a ride home from my friend Kendal(thank the gods!By then it was -4 outside)And on our way we saw these kids who were like walking around (I know crazy)And they were like "Kendal drive us to the pizza place!" And they were with this kid who looks almost like a Werewolf so Kendal was like" ya you can have a ride but not the werewolf". And he was like "hey werewolf you cant get a ride" ! and we were CRACKING UP and then they started throwing snowballs at us and Kendal screams" GET AWAY FROM MY CAR YOU !@#$%ING WEREWOLF!" and we speed away!

yes that was funny
he he haw haw

cardigan (blue)-UO
Necklace-Marc by Marc Jacobs