Monday, January 5, 2009

I feel a penguin phase beginning!

Ok so lately I have been a little obsessed with the whole menswear trend going on  I don't know why It just looks so classy!So today I was lazy and wore the stuff I bought yesterday at H&M( pretty good considering I wasn't awake fully when I got dressed!)  I got some complements(whitch I dont much like anymore because I don't know what do say back?)But I wore it with a cool chain necklace and my Rinestone bowtie on my head.( you cant really see that sorry)

ya so today I had my first day back to school after winte
r break. I hated almost every minute of it.first my latin teacher was all crabby and kept yelling at me about something that I haven't even learned yet!(next year Im taking french!) and I had gym which is always bad but to make It wore we are doing basketball! And It was wicked icy so I kept sliding on my way home from school! and now I am bloging but its only procrastination  because I have Latin homework and then me and my mom are going to the gym!( I joined because of my new-years resolutions ! tonight we are doing step aerobics) so basicly I hate everything about today ! Ecept this stuff I found  on so enjoy these while I enjoy the wonders of Latin worksheets!
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I also made this to follow up my obsession...
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  1. Lovely pictures and I like the outfit!

  2. The tuxedo inspired outfit is really cool! And of course I don't mind you linking to me, I'll link to you too.