Sunday, January 11, 2009

To tired to comprehend soap.

ok so the other night I went with some friends to this feild and slid around on the ice that had formed on it.and I gave my phone to one of my friends and he took some really cool pictures.
personally I think we were being kinda stupid, because it was like -2 degrees and we were sliding around on the ice in the mist of the night and then we had coke and we spilled it on the ground and licked it and it tasted wicked good so we were on the ground and liking the coke ice like grazing cows and tis guy came out and just kinda stared then drove away, But thats just me.

we als went to the drug store and got some delicious *cough* gourmet *cough* hot chocolate witch helped allot with the frozen hand problem that I had.

Oh and I love that penguin.

Today I went Skiing and the lift broke so I only got like 4 runs in :(

I went to the gym yesterday and did stuff with weights and then I ate chinese food......

Me and some friends from my theater group went to build a bear

last night I fell asleep while hanging out with some friends

 The bear we built made an elephant noise

I bought a shirt with a BIG tiger on it

This post Is more scitsofrinic  than Thelonious Monk

I dont think I spelled that right


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